How to Refer a Person for Short-Term Residential Treatment:

  1. Submit a current substance abuse evaluation within the preceding 6 months
  2. A thorough physical within the preceding 60 days. The physical must include a current TB test and a complete list of all current medications.
  3. Proof of client’s income such as tax returns, pay stubs, public assistance, or disability is required. If the client has no income, a letter to that effect, from whoever is providing food and shelter, is required. Ex: My (client name and relationship) is living with me and I am supporting (him or her) in the amount of $ - - - per month. Client will also be required to provide information on the cost of the following; Housing, Utilities, Transportation, and daycare.
  4. After receiving the above information, all clients seeking Short Term Residential treatment must call NEPSAC at 308-282-1101 and complete a short Intake Screening with one of our admission specialists.

NEPSAC's priority list includes:

  1. Pregnant injecting drug users
  2. Other Pregnant substance abuse users
  3. Other injecting drug users
  4. Women with dependent children
  5. Native Americans
  6. All others
This program is partially funded by the State of Nebraska, Department of Health & Human Services/Mental Health, Substance Abuse & Addiction Services, and the Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. It is licensed through the Department of Health. NEPSAC also stands as a Foundation Status Classification 509 (a) One per Internal Revenue Service dated Febuary 12, 1993.